Why spend more time and money on post secondary education than you have to?

College is expensive.

Yet, many teens have the mindset "I'll just figure it out once I get there" OR "I'll get my generals out of the way first and then figure out what I'm going to major in." 

Others choose majors without fully understanding who they are or based on the wrong things and end up switching their focus.

These can be VERY expensive mistakes.

It's common for different programs to require different generals and other specific curriculum which can end up causing previously taken classes to not "count" toward a chosen major.

These unnecessary/wasted classes can significantly increase the cost and duration of a college education and are one of the main contributing factors in why only 30% of all bachelor degrees are completed in four years.

Since most people underestimate these costs we've put together our detailed college cost calculator to help you understand the surface and hidden costs of taking classes that "don't count".

*Costs can be examined using national cost averages or by inputting the costs of a specific institution.

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The Cost Of Wasted College Classes Calculator

Learn the REAL costs of taking unnecessary classes in college.