Project Who Am I

For students struggling with choosing a career path and their parents who want to help.

The only program of its kind focused on finding an ideal career based on who the student is and what they value.


By the end of this program your student will walk away with...

  • An understanding of their natural talents and strengths and careers best suited for someone like them
  • Knowledge of how their current interests and passions can be applied to their career search.
  • Insight into what they truly value in life and how to seek out occupations and employers that share in their values
  • Their work preferences and how important they can be in overall career satisfaction
  • A framework around how to evaluate new careers as their interests, values, and preferences evolve with more knowledge and life experiences
  • An action guide on how  to further explore their career choices

And you'll receive...

  • A closer relationship by mentoring your student through this stressful, transitional time
  • Peace of mind knowing your student is basing their educational and career choices on the right things
  • Money and time savings resulting from fewer wasted classes on topics not related to their ideal career

What a few of our students and parents have to say...

Sunny M. (Parent)

"The biggest anxiety for kids entering college is not knowing what they want to do with there lives which causes debilitating fear. This process is setup that even if your child at the end of this process does not narrow in on one path that is ok. But the tools of exploration helped my daughter take control of her fear and gave her several different paths to explore which changed her mindset to excitement for the journey of exploration."

Lyxie M. (Student)

"I learned a lot about myself through this program, but I think the most important thing is my strengths and weaknesses. It’s good to know these not just so you know what your good at and should do, but also so you can continuing improving yourself.

It’s good to keep the knowledge I learned about myself through the program in mind especially when considering classes and college’s because you want to choose ones that will prepare your or even ones that relate to your interest so you can see if that’s something you enjoy.

Before this program, I only thought about easy potential careers. Ones that never really interested me, but I knew I was capable of doing. But now I think of potential careers that push my abilities and make me happy when I think about them, even if they seem too difficult or hard to accomplish."

Darren D. (Parent)

“My daughter started the program knowing she wanted to do something creative but wasn't sure if that was marketing, design, art... By the end of the program she narrowed it down to what she believed would be an ideal career. We then set about to validate her thinking by visiting several colleges that offered the major she would need and talked to students and staff to get a firsthand account for what this career would really entail. Not only was her ideal career confirmed but she used what she learned about herself in the program to help determine which of the colleges would be the best fit for her. What I really like is how this taught her how to evaluate different decisions she will have to make in the future against those things that matter most. She's now in college pursuing her dream and loves it. Many times she calls and shares with us specific things she is excited to work on in her classes!"

Shane B. (Student)

"I learned the different strengths that make me, me. This helped me narrow in on careers that suit my strengths and personality. Now when I explore careers, I look for ones that fit my strengths and excite me. It makes me excited to pursue a career rather than being scared of not knowing where to go."

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