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Understanding one’s own natural talents and using them to explore possible professions is an excellent first step in finding a fulfilling, successful career.

We've assembled a list of 40+ career ideas and descriptions categorized by industry segment for each natural talent.

Share this guide with your student to kickstart their career journey and help them find careers which perk their interest and align to their natural talents.

To get started, which of these personality traits MOST CLOSELY aligns with your student:

  • Creators - They tend to be creative, open, inventive, original, perceptive, sensitive, independent and emotional. They rebel against structure and rules, but enjoy tasks involving people or physical skills. 

  • Doers - People who like to work with "things". They tend to be assertive and competitive, and are interested in activities requiring motor coordination, skill and strength. 
  • Helpers - People who like to work with "people" and who seem to satisfy their needs in teaching or helping situations. 

  • Organizers - People who prefer to work with data and who like rules and regulations and emphasize self-control. They like structure and order, and dislike unstructured or unclear work and interpersonal situations.

  • Persuaders - They tend to be good talkers, and use this skill to lead or persuade others. 

  • Thinkers - They like to think and observe rather than act, to organize and understand information rather than to persuade. They also prefer individual rather than people-oriented activities.

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