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INTERVIEW - On the Path to Becoming a Pastor with Kristin Dybdal


"The fact that I had kids, something happened to me where I changed and felt free. I felt free to do what I wanted to do. I want my kids to be able to do what they want to do, and if I want that for them, then I can want that for myself."  - Kristin Dybdal

Kristin is finally pursuing her passions after letting external pressures guide her career path for many years. Watch to see how Kristin finds the strength and confidence to pursue her heart and start the journey of becoming...

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INTERVIEW - Environmental Research with Anna Webber


"If I can get people to think before making a decision about what's happening in the world, that is the impact I want to make. To give them information about what the problem is... so they don't make an assumption."  - Anna Webber

Anna is a thinker, organizer, and a helper. She is also a creative.... yet she breaks the creative stereotype, by using her creativity to solve problems. 

Warmly - Oie

Career Interview with Anna Webber

  1. What is your current occupation, or your...
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INTERVIEW- Small Business Owner and Creative with Meddi


"You need to bet on yourself"  - Meddi

Meddi is a small business owner, local Minnesota artist, and a reliable person who is very involved in his community. Listen and be inspired by Meddi's self-investment and how he believes each person should "shoot their shot". 

Enjoy - Nya

Career Interview with Meddi

  1. What is your current occupation, or your major? Working part time in campaigns, co-founder of Do Great Things Productions.
  2. What drew you to this? Every time I was at my...
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