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Are certain mindsets preventing your teen from making a career path decision?

mindset parent tip Oct 21, 2020

If your student is struggling to make a career path decision - or any major decision they might need to make in this stage of life - it may be because they have a limiting mindset that’s holding them back. 

Whether or not you and your teen are on the same page about the importance of self-reflection and taking time to make a career decision purposefully, coming to a decision may be difficult. When that happens, a limiting belief or mindset could be the underlying reason. 


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The Importance of Self-Reflection

Do you ever think back to when you first entered high school? Maybe you’re amazed at how your friend group has changed - but then you realize it makes sense because your interests have evolved. Or maybe you cringe a little at your early fashion choices, and feel much better about the style you’ve now grown into. 

This is called self-reflection, and it’s a hugely important skill to develop. It helps you better understand yourself - what you care about, what you’re...

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INTERVIEW - Nursing with Annika Dobier

doer helper organizer Oct 07, 2020

"Anytime I've been in a clinical setting, I've really felt the nurses were the ones who made a difference in my care or treatment. To this day, I still remember the amazing nurses who made my stay more comfortable and put my needs first." - Annika Dobier

I've known Annika my entire life as she is my older cousin. Like all of us, her life experiences have shaped who she is as a person. Listen to learn how the nurses in her life have influenced Annika's interests/passions... and values! 


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How to Help Your Student Choose a Career They’ll Love

You’ve probably seen it a dozen times: a professional five, ten, maybe even twenty years into their career, who absolutely hates their job. Not just the standard annoyed-about-Monday-morning-meetings frustrations, but a deep discontentment about everything they’ve worked on. 

Maybe it's a coworker or a friend who has experienced this. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself. But how can you help your high school or college student avoid hating their own career? 


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