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5 Hobbies That Could Lead to Surprising Careers

student tip Jan 20, 2021

Most people think of hobbies as just for fun. They should be! But they can also inspire you down a certain career path - maybe even one you hadn’t thought of before. 

When it comes to merging hobbies with a career, most people think of them as a way to start your own business and become an entrepreneur. But if that’s not your goal, there are still plenty of ways a hobby can help you make a career decision. 

We’ve looked at some common types of hobbies to create...

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CAREER INTERVIEW - Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist with Craig Johnson

creative Jan 15, 2021

"I have a lot of compassion for kids today because they experience information overload. There is information and influences coming from everywhere...and kids need to form a sort of frame that states: What do I want?"  - Craig Johnson

Craig is a creative, and sees changing a dog's behavior as painting a blank canvas. Watch to see how Craig uses his skills and talents in dog training to relate it to humans and their growth as well!

Warmly - Oie

Career Interview with Craig...

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The Biggest Career Mistakes You Can Make

student tip Dec 31, 2020

You’re probably reading this and thinking “I don’t even have a career yet! Why should I care about career mistakes?” 

But so many career mistakes can be avoided by making a thoughtful career decision early. You can help yourself skip so many common career mishaps just by making purposeful decisions early on. 

Need more convincing? Let’s take a look at four major mistakes people make early in your career - and why you want to avoid them. 


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14 Ways to Help Your Student Find Their Interests & Passions

parent tip Dec 23, 2020

Have you ever asked your teen what they’re interested in, only to get noncommittal answers or a shrug of their shoulders? This is pretty common, and it doesn’t mean your student doesn’t have anything they care about. It usually just means they haven’t had enough experiences to know what they like and what they don’t!

So how can you help your student figure out their interests and passions? There are tons of ways to encourage them to try new things. We’ve...

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INTERVIEW - Environmental Research with Anna Webber


"If I can get people to think before making a decision about what's happening in the world, that is the impact I want to make. To give them information about what the problem is... so they don't make an assumption."  - Anna Webber

Anna is a thinker, organizer, and a helper. She is also a creative.... yet she breaks the creative stereotype, by using her creativity to solve problems. 

Warmly - Oie

Career Interview with Anna Webber

  1. What is your current occupation, or your...
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The Risk of Choosing the Wrong Career

student tip Dec 02, 2020

Does choosing a career right now feel a little silly? Maybe you think it’s too early for you to be worried about what life will look like after high school or college, or maybe you’re thinking of your career as just a job, nothing more. 

We get it! We’ve been there too. It can feel strange to be thinking so specifically about what you want your future to look like, especially when you’re still working your way through a geometry textbook. 

So we’re not...

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What Makes a Job Fulfilling? 4 Things to Look For

student tip Nov 25, 2020

People love to talk about their dream jobs, but what does that actually mean? If you don’t have any work experience, or if you’ve mostly had summer jobs that you’ve done for some extra cash or your college applications, it can be hard to figure out what would make a job truly fulfilling for you. 

To help demystify this, we’re looking at five things that make a job fulfilling. You can use these criteria as you decide on a career path, or when you’re applying...

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INTERVIEW- Small Business Owner and Creative with Meddi


"You need to bet on yourself"  - Meddi

Meddi is a small business owner, local Minnesota artist, and a reliable person who is very involved in his community. Listen and be inspired by Meddi's self-investment and how he believes each person should "shoot their shot". 

Enjoy - Nya

Career Interview with Meddi

  1. What is your current occupation, or your major? Working part time in campaigns, co-founder of Do Great Things Productions.
  2. What drew you to this? Every time I was at my...
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5 Reasons It’s Important to Expand Your Horizons

student tip Nov 11, 2020

Have you ever met someone who was so intriguing that you thought, “Wow, I wish I could be as interesting as them”? Maybe they’ve traveled all over the world, or are really good at an unusual hobby, or seem to know all kinds of people that are just as intriguing. 

Chances are, that very interesting person is just really good at expanding their horizons and trying new things. And you don’t have to be a certain age or a certain type of person to start expanding your...

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INTERVIEW - Director of Hospice with Lisa Diez

doer helper organizer Oct 28, 2020

"I did have cancer I went through treatment, I found the Chaplains in the hospital setting very comforting, and those people that reached out to me in that way...made me think of my own end of life and what that could look like...and made me want to be in the field professionally" - Lisa Diez

Today, we get to learn about how Lisa helps people be at peace at the end of their life. Your initial reaction may be to pull away because this field is centered around death,...

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