INTERVIEW - On the Path to Becoming a Pastor with Kristin Dybdal

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"The fact that I had kids, something happened to me where I changed and felt free. I felt free to do what I wanted to do. I want my kids to be able to do what they want to do, and if I want that for them, then I can want that for myself."  - Kristin Dybdal

Kristin is finally pursuing her passions after letting external pressures guide her career path for many years. Watch to see how Kristin finds the strength and confidence to pursue her heart and start the journey of becoming a Pastor!

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Career Interview with Kristin Dybdal

  1. What is your current occupation, or your major? I am a vicar at a Lutheran church, on the path to pastor.
  2. What drew you to this? Love of God, deep desire to be with people along their journey
  3. What do you love about it, and what do you dislike about it?
    • Love - I love most everything about it
    • Dislike - some of the administrative work and when things break (like furnace/refrigerator)
    • For people considering your career, what advice would you give? Don’t do it if it’s not bubbling up from you – there are many ways to serve God and have a vocation
  4. If you had a previous career(s), what was it and tell us why you switched careers? I had a number of different positions – consultant, state government, health plan. I kept switching and was never happy. I did not feel connected to any purpose
  5. When did you know you wanted to choose this career? How did you know? I was in a meeting with political people and helping them analyze how to shut down a safety net health care program. It felt wrong, but it was not my place to advocate for people. I decided then that I was done. I didn’t know what the next step was at that moment, though
  6. What skills did you have to learn that’s needed in your career? Conflict management, boundary-setting, work-life-balance, differentiating oneself in relationships with others and when facing criticism
  7. What's your natural talent? I am a thinker, helper, creative, and organizer
    • How does this fit into your career? Lots of studying, thinking, writing, working with people, listening, organizing teams, planning worship experiences 
  8. What do you value? I value being people when they are vulnerable; I value affirming people as created with integrity and purpose and value; I value learning and growing in my own faith. 
  9. What type of impact do you want to make on the world? I want to open up the language we use in the church so it is more accessible to more people. I want to welcome more people into a Christianity that is in solidarity with those who are marginalized and to be an advocate for liberation, justice, and reparations. I have no idea how I’m going to do this – Christians have a terrible name right now.
  10. Any advice you would give to someone who is struggling with career choices? Don’t be afraid to try something without “locking yourself” in long term. Pay your bills but follow your gut – don’t let others’ aspirations for you get in the way. You are your own person with your own gifts.


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