The Mother/Daughter Team from Minnesota

As like many mothers and daughters, because we have similar personalities, some days we totally "get" each other... and other days, we're like oil and water!

One thing we can always agree on is we both love to eat. A flavorful ramen noodle soup or a big plate of pasta or tiramisu for dessert... all sound yummy to us.

The family house is in the country with lots of room for the Aussies - Trixie & Dash - to run around outside. I also like to be outside. My favorite thing to do is go on a long hike to explore the beauties of nature.

Nya has moved to the city and is enjoying her walkability to many, many things in Minneapolis. She is also enjoying having her own place and "adulting". Cooking every meal, studying for classes at the University of Minnesota and paying bills is hard work!

Back at the country house near Stillwater, we've converted Nya's old room to a movie room... what are we going to do if she wants to move back in?

Now a little bit about our natural talents... Nya is a creative who's top 5 strengths are positivity, input, empathy, woo and competition. I'm really good at making big ideas happen and my top 5 are achiever, activator, arranger, ideation and empathy. The combination of our strengths has proven to be a strong foundation for Project Who Am I and helping our students find their ideal careers!

We look forward to getting to know you.

Have a great day,

Oie & Nya