Help Your Student Find Their Ideal Career

We help students who are struggling with their career choices discover their natural talents, passions, values, and work preferences so they can pursue a fulfilling career.


Help Your Student Find Their Ideal Career

We help students who are struggling with their career choices discover their natural talents, passions, values, and work preferences so they can pursue a fulfilling career.


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Career Ideas Guide

Kickstart your teen's career journey with our personalized career guide based on their natural talents.

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Wasted Classes Cost Calculator

Understand the REAL financial and time costs associated with changing majors/degrees as a result of not identifying an ideal career early.

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Who Do You Want To Be?

Who you surround yourself with can have an BIG impact on your outlook and approach to life. Teens should watch this short video and complete the accompanying worksheet to determine if their friends are helping or hurting them achieve their goals.

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Common Parent Mistakes

As parents we always want what's best for our kids and strive to be helpful. Watch this short video by our student coach to get an inside perspective on what we hear from students around what they need from you.

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With the right tools and guidance, you can set your student up for success... right NOW.

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Choose A Career Based On The Right Things

The secret to life-long career enjoyment and fulfillment is your student discovering key attributes about themselves and then searching for careers which align to who they are as a person.

Natural Strengths & Talents

Personal Values

Interests & Work Preferences

The Project Who Am I Program

We’ve created a program based on self-discovery to help you aid your student to uncover who they truly are right NOW—not later.  

This isn’t just another 100 question career aptitude assessment. It’s a deeply personal journey to help your student uncover what’s most important to them. 

And YOU get to play an active role in helping them develop the skills they need to make decisions based on their core values, strengths, and interests instead of external pressures.

Project Who Am I is a self-discovery program that walks young adults through a series of self-reflection exercises, with follow-up group discussions, to guide them toward a career that’s fulfilling, empowering and aligns to who they are as a person. 


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"Chase your passions and money will follow.

Chase money and you may never find your passions."

Why spend more time and money on post secondary education than you have to?

Let's face it. College and other post secondary education is EXPENSIVE!

Yet, many teens have the mindset "I'll just figure it out once I get there" OR "I'll get my generals out of the way first and then figure out what I'm going to major in."

Others choose majors without fully understanding who they are or based on the wrong things and end up switching their focus.

These can be VERY expensive mistakes.

It's common for different programs to require different generals and other specific curriculum which can end up causing previously taken classes to not "count" toward a chosen major.

These unnecessary/wasted classes can significantly increase the cost and duration of a college education and are one of the main contributing factors in why only 30% of all bachelor degrees are completed in four years.

With the average 4-year out-of-state tuition being $3300 per class it can add up quickly. Add in room and board, books, and other costs and it jumps to around $5200 per class!

The good news is there are things you and your teen can do to help lessen the odds of incurring these costs.

It all starts with spending some time discovering who your student really is and what they want to accomplish. Then...AND ONLY THEN...start looking at careers that align until they narrow in on their ideal career.

The Project Who Am I Program has been designed to do just that!


...and A LOT of help and support along the way.

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...and A LOT of help and support along the way.

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Hi! We're Oie & Nya


I based my education and career on all the wrong things. I chose a path that others and even myself expected of me. I changed my major, jumped from job to job, and found myself always looking for the next big challenge.

In my early 40s I was passed over for a promotion which caused me to do some self-reflection. I was tired, bored,  and unfulfilled. I was well compensated but that just wasn't enough anymore. 

What I had chosen as a career didn't align with my values, passions, or natural talents and felt it was time to be more purposeful with my life.

And that got me thinking...

What if there was a way to teach young people how to figure this out earlier? A way to help them start their career in something fulfilling, interesting, and enjoyable?

What if I could save them from the years of struggle and unfulfillment that I and so many others have experienced?

As a result, Project Who Am I was born and I've been helping young people learn about themselves and apply this knowledge to their educational and career pursuits ever since.


Project Who Am I (PWAI) was initially a course my mom and her friend created to help me and her friend’s son figure out what we wanted to do after high school. It ended up working really well, and a few years later, some of my friends were in the same boat: they had no idea what to do after high school. 

So my mom and I helped them through a rough draft of the course...and I mentioned to my mom, “We should make this accessible to everyone! I am sure a lot of high school students are going through this tough decision..” And from there...we created PWAI. 

I offer the student perspective and coaching for students. 

I’m now studying interior design in college, but have also found a passion for helping students reflect and understand themselves!

My favorite part about PWAI is helping students discover themselves by not only coaching them, but giving them an example of my experience, and allowing them to decide for themselves what they need as a young adult.

Are you ready to get started to help your student discover themselves & their ideal career?

All it takes is a willingness to do the work to truly learn and be open to new possibilities.

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If your student is looking for a career, our goal is to help them find one through learning about their strengths, values and passions, natural talents, and work preferences.  Not only will this knowledge help with their career search but will help them in all aspects of life.

If you're a parent looking to help your student with this journey, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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